Weinkeller Malkasten GmbH, Düsseldorf


Welcome to the Malkasten, Hentrichhaus

Hentrichhaus at the Malkasten

Looking forward to seeing you!

Malkasten, Hentrichhaus, the foyer

Foyer in the Hentrichhaus

Welcoming guests

Malkasten, Jacobihaus, the Goethezimmer

Goethezimmer in the Jacobihaus

Consultations in progress

Malkasten, Jacobihaus in springtime

Jacobihaus in the Malkasten

Magnolia in spring flower

Malkasten, Reception at the Hentrichhaus

Rotunda in the Hentrichhaus

Reception in the 1950s Foyer

Malkasten, Jacobihaus, Bibliothek

Bibliothek in the Jacobihaus

Cigar Evening with Werner Schmitz

Malkasten, Jacobihaus, Foyer

Foyer in the Jacobihaus, upper storey

View to the Jacobizimmer

Reception outside the Hentrichhaus

Outside the Künstlerkeller, Hentrichhaus

Fine-weather reception

Malkasten, Patio at the Jacobihaus

Patio at the Jacobihaus

Interval outdoors

Malkasten, basement vault

Künstlerkeller in the Hentrichhaus

Have a good time!

Malkasten, Hentrichhaus, Banquet at the Theatersaal

Theatersaal in the Hentrichhaus

Summery floral decorations

Malkasten, Hentrichhaus, Reception

In front of the Theatersaal, Hentrichhaus

Reception in the Foyer

Conference at the Malkasten, Theatersaal

Theatersaal in the Hentrichhaus

Conference in the large auditorium

Fashion Show at the Malkasten, Theatersaal

Theatersaal in the Hentrichhaus

Fashion show

Looking for a showpiece location?
Nothing to beat a historical ambience in a lovely park?
You appreciate the idea of nature and seclusion in a central situation?

The Malkasten complex is home to the Künstlervereins Malkasten or ‘Paintbox Artists Association’, founded in 1848; it stands at the heart of Düsseldorf in its own listed park laid out by philosopher Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi, a friend of Goethe’s.

The architecture comprises two charming buildings—the Hentrichhaus and the Jacobihaus. A gem which Weinkellerei Malkasten GmbH will be happy to rent out to you. For conferences & seminars. For celebrations & festivities.

You’ll be inspired and delighted by what you see. We propose a tour of the property for some spectacular impressions. Come with us!