Weinkeller Malkasten GmbH, Düsseldorf


Banquet in the Gartenzimmer,Malkasten

Gartenzimmer in the Jacobihaus

Banquet, with the cylindrical stove

Entrance to the Gartenzimmer, Malkasten

Gartenzimmer in the Jacobihaus

Entrance hall with bookcases

Our room for concentrated talks in a small group

A sheer idyll. – In the foyer of the Jacobihaus Garden Room you are flanked by historic bookcases; looking out to the left, the Düssel flows; to the right, the listed Malkastenpark. Inside, the eye-catcher, too, of a small, cylindrical iron stove.

Ideally suited for
Seminars and work in groups; banquets on an intimate scale.